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Suzette Weideman, a unique practice

Suzette practices from InPsyght Centre based in Monument, Krugersdorp, The Gesundheit Centre in Randfontein and her rooms on a farm in Hekpoort.

Suzette’s logo is a rendition of the Fibonacci sequence, made famous by books such as The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and TV series such as Touch with Kiefer Southerland.  It depicts the golden ratio or divine pattern that becomes visible when we manage to view it from a distant and holistic perspective.

Our lives are also full of patterns – some divine and others destructive. In therapy we often focus on identifying these patterns, both intrapersonal and interpersonal. The objective perspective of the therapist allows for a holistic view. If we can find these patterns in ourselves and our relationships, we can change them or accept them and ultimately allow them to contribute positively to who we are and where we want to be.

Above you will see a number of amazing pictures where this ratio is applied in nature, the human body, animals and even art. If this interests you, please visit this link.

Suzette Weideman

Away from the practice…

Suzette enjoys drama as a participant as well as a spectator. She spends time in nature, being with animals in general and her precious horses specifically.  She loves learning new computer skills and solving the latest puzzle and spends a lot of free time reading books by authors such as John Irving and Nicolas Evans.

She will never miss the opportunity to watch a good movie about ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.

Types of therapy offered by Suzette Weideman

“I strive to work as integrated as possible, for this resonates with both my personality and my view of human nature”.

I work eclectically from a Rogerian or Person-centered perspective  and often use Gestalt Techniques, Transactional Analysis and Ego State Therapy. Clients are also offered the opportunity to benefit by the therapeutic value of nature and horses through Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy workshops on the farm Content in Magaliesburg. Ultimately, however, my focus is always Existential, meaning:

“I accompany my clients on their journey to search for meaning in life and truly believe that one can find meaning in suffering as well.” 

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