Suzette Weideman

Clinical Psychologist

Suzette assists with a variety of issues and challenges with individuals older than 18 or in family groups. She is based in Monument, Gauteng at the InPsyght Centre and at The Gesundheit Centre in Randfontein.  Suzette’s practices are easily accessible to all West Rand clients, offers flexible hours as well as accommodates payment options. She is also available at her rooms in Hekpoort.

Considering Therapy?

Have you reached that point where things just got too much?  Have you been the victim of a traumatic experience, are you going through a personal crisis or a relationship struggle?

In times of need we often reach out to those nearest and dearest for help, advice or clarity. In some cases, however, we need someone objective and experienced to assist in gaining insight and regaining balance.  Suzette Weideman is a Clinical Psychologist and is trained to do just that.

During the time of emotional turmoil, seeking for the right therapist might be very challenging as you might feel desperate, confused with many questions running through your mind. Suzette tries to answer many of those questions on this site to help you make informed choices.

“Please read through the articles, pages and posts and feel free to phone, mail or message me if you have any further queries to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!”

Suzette Weideman has a special interest in the following

  • Coping with and growing through traumatic incidents, especially rape, including debriefing, procedures and protocols after the incident and long term therapy.
  • Therapy for people challenged with developmental and acquired physical disabilities and diseases.
  • Emerging adults and late adolescents facing stage of life crises, identity problems and relationship difficulties.
  • Parental guidance and family interventions for any issue or challenge affecting more than one member of your family, such as divorce, unresolved conflict, dependence, etc.
  • Equine Facilitated  Psychotherapy