life balanceMy father once gave me a picture, taken from a speeding train of a boy and girl on a horse, probably aged 8 and 10. They were so carefree, barely holding on, there feet bouncing at the graceful animal’s flanks. It was forever imprinted in my brain, as I longed for such uncomplicated joy, often experienced in childhood.

In a moment of clarity I came to a startling realisation that they did not have – nor needed – control! For what they had were two truly crucial things, i.e. TRUST and BALANCE. They trusted in themselves as well as their companions.

They could let go… They knew that at that moment, they were in perfect balance and therefore they could just let go… In my life, this has become an aim, a goal, a constant strive (and often struggle).

As I sat at the fire tonight, enjoying good food and even better company on my winter holiday, I reminded myself of those carefree moments and told myself that: “If I have balance, I don’t need control. Just trust and let go.

Suzette Weideman

Suzette is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice at the InPsyght Therapy Centre in Monument, Krugersdorp.